We work in partnership to improve the future of our healthcare through programs and services that educate the community on health issues and ensures accessibility and efficiency of the healthcare system. 


Everyone in our community has what they need to thrive and be healthy.


Long-term Outcome:

By 2023, everyone in our community has access to affordable, comprehensive health and human services, which are easy to navigate when, where and how needed.


  1. Existence of centralized services, including virtual or physical location of services.
  2. Health, human services, and community partners understand and address social determinants of health.
  3. Continuous communication, coordination, and trusted relationships across providers and sectors.
  4. Grand County Rural Health Network is sustainable and has operations consistent with our organizational values.

The Grand County Rural Health Network is committed to advocating for and supporting the health of all residents of Grand County, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, gender expression, religion, immigration status, age, disability, national origin, marital, military, or financial status.

We believe everyone has the right to healthcare and to understand how to access that care. We have the resources and capabilities to help all Grand County residents access care.


We lead with integrity and creativity as we influence and empower our community.

  • Leadership
  • Integrity
  • Creativity
  • Influence
  • Empower


The origin of the Network dates back to the mid-1990’s when community leaders, politicians, healthcare professionals, and businesses began meeting to address healthcare access problems for county residents. Through these meetings, a decision was made to first take stock of existing healthcare resources and then outline gaps in the community.

In 1998, members of the still informal Network agreed on the need for a community healthcare needs assessment. The survey revealed dissatisfaction among current residents and healthcare professionals in the existing delivery model. Most survey respondents felt that there was a very limited scope of healthcare services available. As a result, many residents sought care outside of the county. Based on these findings, and the widespread community support for addressing these healthcare challenges, the Network was formally organized in 1999 and given seed money from a Rural Network Development Grant from the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy. The Network was formally incorporated in 2001 and received its federal 501(c)3 tax-exempt status in 2002. 

Founding organizations include:  Grand County Government, Kremmling Memorial Hospital District (KMHD), St. Anthony’s Hospital/Centura-Denver (SAC), Grand County government’s Citizen’s Health Advisory Committee, Allied Health Professionals, and the Grand County Medical Society.

Executive Offices
The Network is co-located with two other nonprofits / departments!

416 Byers Ave, P.O. Box 95, Hot Sulphur Springs, CO 80451
Office:  970-725-3477;  Fax:  970-725-3478